Last updates about the project


We are very proud to have obtained with Bureau Veritas important certifications as
ISO 9001, IATF 16949:2016, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001. 124

Open your mind

We want to improve our business and increase the communication with other partner, it is a very important point for FC.

The staff showed the project and the FC program to create new important collaboration. 125


Great success in Euroguss!!

We met important Clients interested to our project and activity.


Meeting with Rheinfelden

The collaboration with Rheinfelden continues for Fonderie Cervati. Meeting to improve and analyze the material used during the test. 123


During this period we are testing with the new mould our process. We obteined important results. There are some details to improved for became the process industrial. Work in progress.

In the same time we are organizing EUROGUSS 2018,the most important europian die-casting fair. 121

Made in Italy #FC21S

FC and Vibe, and their project on the Italian Excellent website

Thanks to all!



During the fair METEF we received the "Innovation Metef award 2017" 126

April - May 2017

Our team, with the collaboration of our suppliers are completing the study of the new mould’s concept using new kind of steel and thermo cooling. The first test should be by end of June. 119

February - March 2017

In progress the analysis, development and industrialization of the “new” thermoregulation system of mould. It consists to distribute and calibrate the temperatures during the automatic process. 118

January 2017

Have been done tests with micro dosing spray system in automatic process. Good results beyond our expectation.

The oil lubricant works in a good way in high temperatures until 400°C. It will help easily the development of thermoregulation system on mould.

Even though we worked for hours in automatic process, the temperature of steel/mould increased too much, so it will be necessary to improve the cooling of mould. 117

December 2016

During this period FC monitoring the standard process with test to get more data necessary for the development 116

November 2016

First test done on casting machine by Fc with the support of Vibe and Chem Trend. 115

October 2016

Our engineers and technicians of quality department are continuously working on reports, date from currently/standard production in such a way to compare the current process with the first test of the new concept. 114

September 2017

Vibe is working on development and construction of spray nozzle, will be assembly on lubrication head


Agoust 2016

Our engineers followed the complete process for one full shift (from the start of furnace until the injection part casted), looking especially the traditional lubrication process. It permitted to take thermografic pictures and plan the next steps 112
This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. GA 733619
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