Fonderie Cervati is a recently created company as such, but it is the evolution of a well known company in the Italian area of Brescia, which was Officine FONDERIE CERVATI S.r.l. The current FONDERIE CERVATI is a family-owned company lead by Mr. Stefano Cervati, grand-son of the founder in 1953 of the Officine FONDERIE CERVATI S.r.l.
In order to understand the underlying history of FONDERIE CERVATI, let’s describe the original company. It started its activities with the production of parts in bronze and brass (especially bushings and rings intended to fund construction equipment) merged into shell. In 1962, consequently to transfer to a new location, the company has diversified its activities, starting with the production of die-cast aluminium and equipping the same time, of machines for the complete machining of its products. At the beginning of the 80s, giving timely response to requests for more and more technical content and quality, OFC has made significant investments to technological renewal, with the acquisition of new plant and equipment and with the consequent development of the training staff. The nineties were marked by important innovations. In the past decade, together with the consolidation of its capacity and the acquisition of important new customers (leaders in different sectors), the Company is committed to constant improvement and continuous organizational and procedural with the main intent to operate in a context of insurance quality in line with the UNI EN ISO 9001 - 2001. This is to be able to offer their customers more and more qualifying conditions in terms of collaboration, service, flexibility, competitiveness and quality.
In the 2014 Stefano Cervati take over the company and starts the innovation process to improve the company business.


VIBE Srl, with headquarters in Lumezzane (Brescia), is involved in the field of industrial lubricants and release agents for metal die-casting since 1977.
Thanks to a constructive and long-standing co-operation with leading companies in the lubrication sector, and particularly with KLUBER LUBRICATION and CHEM TREND - VIBE being their dealer for Brescia and its province -, high levels of quality and service have been reached and forty-year experience and knowledge have been developed as to the problems encountered in metal hot forming, machining, lubrication and aluminium die-casting.
VIBE Srl runs its own warehouse. An attentive stock management allows orders to be executed in the very short-term, so to keep the stock and the relevant costs for the customers at a minimum.
VIBE is nowadays a dynamic and competitive company, a benchmark in its field.
The co-operation among VIBE Srl, FONDERIE CERVATI and the multinational company CHEM TREND has led to a sophisticated application system combined with an innovative release agent within the die-casting process of structural castings of primary aluminium alloy especially intended for the automotive industry, a sector where the employ of aluminium instead of steel parts plays a major role which results in lighter vehicles, and consequently lower consumption and reduced emissions.
The innovative process allows to improve quality of the castings, increase productivity, cut down on production costs, reduce porosity and drastically lower the quantity of release agent to be applied, always in an environment-friendly way and safeguarding the health of operators.


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